About Ibtidah


A platform providing in-depth perspectives on various social, political and economic issues through an education & health lens. Here, we will be creating new knowledge by employing different  citizen journalist, communications and research tools and skill-sets. Our team of education advisors, researchers and journalists is also experienced in providing training to teachers and journalists on peacebuilding, conflict resolution and identification of education barriers.


IFE Core Services are as follows

Peace and Civic Education Training

IFE will be working with youth organizations and educational institutions to deliver integrated peace education training to young education activists, and communications & media practitioners. The aim of these training will be to employ enriched interpersonal, story-telling and writing-skills. These training will be imparted through carefully crafted resource material via physical and online training.

Education Research, Communications and Advocacy Campaign

IFE will be providing research and  communications services to other organizations which are interested in  looking  into the areas centering on education barriers, peace integration and existing pedagogical practices at schools. Our work  will include review of curriculum, documenting case-studies on indigenous solutions for education,  and presentation of policy recommendations for relevant stakeholders.

IFE Video Series

These video series are designed against a central theme and are developed by applying an education- barrier lens to different conversations and perspectives held with social development practitioners, changemakers and experts on governmental and human rights affairs. The major findings from these conversations will then be documented and shared for wider dispersion of knowledge. 

Voice of the Youth for Education

IFE, through direct engagement with the youth, highlights their messages, v-logs and blogs based on their experiences of the education systems. These voices are crucial in generating an understanding on what purposes does education serve and how will they be implementing it. Their voices will be published in IFE Blogs and Opinions.

About the Founder

Zeeba T. Hashmi is a research consultant, opinion writer and peace education trainer based in Lahore. She has covered education and political issues concerning religious minorities and has presented papers, case-studies and fact-finding mission reports on social persecution of the marginalized communities for different governmental and non-governmental organizations. As a peace education consultant, she has also developed a peace education training manual for the teachers with an aim to address the issue of controversial content found in textbooks and; to promote friendships between people belonging to different faith groups.
Zeeba Hashmi

Our Core Team

Dr. Bashir H.Shah

Core Member

Dr Bashir H.Shah is a Clinical & Child  Psychologist & Human Rights Activist and Teacher Trainer based in Rawalpindi/Islamabad Pakistan. He used to provide Psycho Social interventions to Children facing Sexual & Physical Abuse Victims of Domestic Violence & Families of Victims of enforced disappearances.

Rabbia Arshad

Core member

Rabbia Arshad is actively engaged in journalism for more than 11 years. She has an experience in both print and radio broadcast journalism where she produced content related to current political and human rights affairs. Besides her vocation in journalism,her  interest is also in teaching and education of the underprivileged.

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